Talent Identification Camps 2014

Why you should join

  • Be coached & tested by a UEFA A AND FA Goalkeeping A coaches. Over 10 years experience with English Premier League Academies
  • UEFA qualified coaches and scouts will coach you and give feedback and support on your talent
  • Individual football skill tests
  • Showcase your skills in game matches and scenarios.
  • Individual player evaluation with coaches tips after the trial.
  • Help from the Coaching team to assist you in your football playing career.
  • Memorable days out - you will learn a lot, enjoy it and become a better player!

 Where and when

  • Copenhagen February 22 and 23. 10.00-15.00 both days (Boys)
  • Copenhagen March 1 and 2. 10.00-15.00 both days (Girls)
  • Odense May 3rd and 4th. 10.00-15.00 both days (Boys)
  • Odense May 8th and 9th. 10.00-15.00 both days (Girls)
  • Capacity: 36 players
  • Cost: 1.195 DKR

How Does The Trial Work?

A dynamic warm up and stretch to get you really focused and switched on. Billy has designed exciting and challenging tests for you: Speed, Agility, Passing, Shooting, Dribbling, Attacking heading, Defensive Heading. Special sessions for Goalkeepers. Keepers will be incorporated into the training to assess their performance as part of a team.

You will be scored for each drill and you will be coached during the drill.  You will learn a lot about each part of the game from the expert advice and drills. Goalkeepers to work technically when not involved in the games.

You'll get a chance to show your game playing ability. The coaches will be looking for your ability to create space, vision, awareness, communication, time on the ball, ability to do the simple things well, your game fitness and overall effectiveness.

Make sure you bring along a light lunch and take in an energy drink to keep you on top form for the whole day. You can speak to any of the LIFA team and coaches during this time to ask any questions!


Welcome from Head Coach Billy Stewart and assistant coaches to explain how the day will work.

10:00  Warm up

10.15  Michael Owen sprint

10.35  Possession Game includind the keepers

10.55  Possession Game outfield players. Goalkeepers specific work

11.30  Match

12.00  Lunch

13.00  Warm up: Possession Game 3 team passing outfield players. Goalkeepers specific work

13.15  Heading practice to a goal

13.30  Attack v. Defense 2v3 and 3v4

14.00  Match

15.00  End of day 1


10.00  Warm up

10.20  Attack both goals outfield players. Goalkeepers specific work

10.40  4 goal game

11.00  Game

12.00  Lunch

13.00  Warm up in pairs

13.15  Crossing and finishing

13.30  Attack and dribbling

14.00  Game

15:00  Finish and Round Up From Billy

Billy and his coaches staff will give you his thoughts on the day and how you compare to talented players of a similar age in clubs in England.

10.00-15.00 both days (Girls)10.00-15.00 both days (Girls)10.00-15.00 both days (Girls)